Squad Training

Training Nights

Squad training is held in the outdoor 50m pool every Tuesday and Thursday night. We start at 6.00pm by undertaking a warm up and progressing into a drill and main set and finishing with a cool down by 7.00pm. We currently have 3 wonderful coaches whom give up either their Tuesday or Thursday evening every fortnight to come and coach us.

Training times and the coach for the evening can be found in the side panel at right and within the events calendar.

We utilise 3 pool lanes to cater for the various levels of  swimming ability as follows:

Lane 1 is for beginners and those who just want to have fun swim at their own pace. The programme set is the same as the other lanes but the sets are not swum on times.

Lane 2 is the developmental lane. This lane is ideal for those swimmers with a bit more ability and those that are still trying to improve their speed. and endurance. The programme set is the same as the other lanes, but swum on times

Lane 3 is the advanced lane. The sets for this lane are the same as the other two lanes, however the interval times are shorter and there are increased laps to be done in the same time frame.

The main sets are varied and depending on the coach and session, focus on sprinting or endurance with a mixture of all the swimming strokes.

Please note that there is a $2.00 per person lane fee payable on the night to cover Aqua Jetty’s lane hire charge.3

Session Structure

The training sessions start at the shallow end of the 50m outdoor pool and generally are structured as follows:

WARM UP – 10 mins
DRILLS – 10 mins
ACTIVATION – 10 mins
MAIN SET –  20 mins
COOL DOWN –  5 mins to 10 mins

Pre Training Stretches and Exercises

We have now introduced a pre-training gentle warm up to loosen up your muscles and joints. This starts approximately 10 min before Tuesdays and Thursdays training sessions with the idea to improve your range of motion with stretching exercises designed specifically for swimmers.

The stretching routines are for both activation and mobility and can be found here:

Upcoming Training Nights

Lane Etiquette

At training, we follow Swimming Australia’s tips on lane etiquette to keep everyone onside with other swimmers.

Allow Space 

Don’t swim on top of someone, so when they push off the wall allow 5 – 10 seconds before pushing off the wall yourself, especially if there are only two of you in the lane.


When swimming butterfly and passing someone in your lane, it is best to switch to single arm butterfly (with left arm) so you don’t knock them out. This happened to Cate Campbell when Michael Phelps crashed into her during a competition warm up, so it can happen to the best of us!


Many pools will have diving restrictions so look out for no diving signs, especially in the shallow end.

Don’t Stop

Try not to stop mid-lap. It can cause a traffic jam.

Exiting the Pool

When exiting the pool to the side, wait for the swimming traffic to pass before switching lanes.

Lane Ropes

Don’t sit on the lane ropes. This is generally a rule at most pools – they can break.

Lane Speed

Work out what speed you plan to swim each lap at, then jump in the fast (advanced lane), medium (development lane) or slow lane (beginners lane).

Road Rules

When swimming, stick to the left-hand side of the black line and swim in a clockwise direction. That way you will avoid a head crash mid-lane.

Touching People’s Toes

If you are swimming faster than the person in front of you, you can try to overtake them or slow until you get to the end of the lap. People don’t like if you keep touching their toes. If you notice someone is always swimming on your toes, let them pass at the end of the lap.

Waiting on the Wall

Move to the side of the lane so others can keep swimming when you need a rest.

Further information can be found here.

Debbie Hart

Coach Coordinator

Debbie’s background includes founder and owner of Debbie Hart’s Swimming School for 35 years teaching children from 3 years to competitive swimmers, representing Great Britain from 1975-1978 at County, National and International swimming events around the world, Silver medalist in 50m butterfly and Bronze medalist in 100m butterfly at FINA World Masters in Italy as well as a WA state record holder for 50m butterfly.

She has many sporting awards including ASA Swimming Coaches Award, RLSS Lifesaving Award, Aquafit Award and AUSTSWIM Teaching Swimming and Water Safety Qualifications.

As Coach Coordinator she is the first contact for the coaches and to assist and mentor them as well as guide and plan for the club to provide our members with a structure of training, fun, fitness for pool and open water swimming including competitions.

PK Sullivan

Program Leader

PK is just starting out on her coaching career and has completed the Masters Swimming Professional Development Course allowing her to become a Program Leader.

As a Program Leader PK is able to help guide you through the training session as set by one of the accredited coaches.

She is a newly qualified Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety and is currently undertaking a Cert 111 in Outdoor Leadership.

Besides being very passionate about nature, fitness and fun, PK teaches children to swim and loves helping people find the joy in being outdoors and staying active.

Coach Bridget

Bridget Young

Head Coach

Bridget has been coaching swimmers for many years from juniors through to adults. She has gained so much joy and achievement from swimming that she now enjoys passing her knowledge and experience gained over the years to helping other swimmers accomplish their dreams.

Bridget has achieved a lot during her swimming career including completing the English Channel crossing solo swim in 1985 as well as an additional three crossings in relay teams.

She has been inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, USA, competed in the 1991 World Championships in Perth achieving 11th place and travelled the world as a member of the Great Britain long distance swimming team which was ranked number one in the world at the time.  

She is still competing in outdoor and indoor events and for the last 4 years has come first in her age group in the Swimming WA OWS Series events.

Bridget’s Wikipedia Page